About us

Iranian Association of Hygienic Cellulose Industries has a background of nearly 22 years. In 1987 a number of cellulose industry entrepreneurs with common points of views gathered together as the Council of Hygienic Cellulose Industries which then changed its name into Iranian Syndicate for Hygienic and Cellulose Industries registered on December 12, 1988 in General Office of Labors and Employers. With proposition and approval of Industrial Association Regulations the Union was re-registered under the name of Iranian Association of Hygienic Cellulose Industries. It was registered according to Article 131 of Islamic Republic of Iran Labor Law and relevant regulations (ratified in January 1994 by the Cabinet) on September 11, 1996 in General Office of Labor and Employer

Unions under Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Currently, the main task of industrial associations throughout the country is to present the necessary knowledge and information to officials in exactly assessment of current issues in profit of national industry and economy.
For the time being the Association is trying to solve a wide range of everyday problems and in the same time is looking to the future of the industry to be able to face the future challenges by evolving cellulose industries.

Goals, tasks and authorities of the association